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The Real Property Law Section accepts articles from its members on topics of interest to real estate attorneys and their clients for publication in its monthly e-Newsletter. RPLS members who are interested in submitting an article should review the following guidelines and the Author Agreement.

Article Deadlines and Schedules

  • The RPLS e-Newsletter is published on or about the 1st day of each month.
  • Draft articles should be submitted to: one of the co-editors:
    Glen Zatz (, Patricia Paruch (, or Samuel Kilberg at ( on or before the 21st day of the month prior to publication.
  • Draft articles will be reviewed, edited for clarity and length if necessary, and then returned to the author for review. The author should submit any changes or corrections within two business days. The author has editorial control over the article and may accept or reject each suggested edit, or revise the article completely.
  • The e-Newsletter Publications Committee and the author will receive a draft copy of the e-Newsletter prior to publication for final review.
  • The editors reserve the right to hold a completed article for publication in a future edition if circumstances warrant.

Article Specifications

  • 250–300 words maximum
  • Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx extensions)
  • Title—10 word maximum
  • Author name and name of firm. No additional biographical information will be printed.
  • RPLS recommends that the author include in the article practice pointers or a list of issues to consider when representing property owners.

Author Agreement

An author's submission of an article for publication in the e-Newsletter constitutes the author's acceptance and consent to all matters in this agreement. The Real Property Law Section (RPLS) may enter into additional arrangements with other publishers in the future for the use, reproduction, and dissemination of articles published in the e-Newsletter. An author's submission of an article constitutes his/her agreement that the author is: (i) granting the RPLS a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free, fully paid, and nonexclusive license to use, perform, publish, reproduce, copy, distribute, transmit, or display the article, to create derivative collective and compilation works that include the article, and to edit and reprint the article in various media now known or hereinafter invented (collectively, "license") and (ii) granting the RPLS the right to sublicense the right granted to it to others, and, in addition, to assign, transfer, and/or convey the license to other persons for any purpose, including, without limitation, in order (A) to include the article as part of such person's online services and products, including computer-assisted research services and document delivery services, (B) to provide such person's subscribers and other service users with access to and use of the article, (C) to use, reproduce, and distribute the article to persons requesting the article and (D) to use the title of the article in marketing and promoting the availability and use of the article in such person's online services. For purposes of this paragraph, "person" includes any individual, corporation, partnership (limited or general), limited liability company, trust, or other entity. References to "person" include and refer to all of his/its successors and assigns. By submitting an article, the author represents and warrants that he/she is the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in and to the article and that the author has full power and authority to grant and/or assign the rights set forth herein, or alternatively, that the author has obtained from the owner of such rights a written assignment or transfer of such rights as necessary to satisfy this paragraph. This Agreement does not preclude any further publication of the article by the author at any time. The State Bar of Michigan Real Property Law Section expressly agrees that you may publish, sell, or license, or contract to publish, sell, or license, or furnish to any other publisher or other person for publication, sale, license, or other use, in any form whatsoever, the article submitted for publication in the e-Newsletter, or similar works which cover the same or substantially the same subject matter of your article. Any questions concerning this Agreement should be submitted to one of the co-editors.