Liz Bransdorfer, Conference Co-Chair
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Past Counsel Chair, 2019-2020
Primary Focus – Sponsors, Promotion, Registration, Coordination at Event
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Stephen D. Reinheimer, Committee Co-Chair
Vice-chair: Family Court Committee (2009-2010) Chair: Family Court Committee (2010-2011) OCBA "Committee of the Year" Award (2011)

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Randall B. Pitler

Royal Oak, MI

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What We Do

The Mid-Summer Conference presents a long weekend of outstanding family law CLE and great collegiality and family-friendly activities in a beautiful northern Michigan setting each summer in late-July and/or early August. 

The Mid-Winter Conference presents an outstanding family law CLE and great collegiality and family-friendly activities in beautiful venues in a warmer climate each winter in February.  

How You Can Get Involved

Sign up to attend the Summer Conference.  A “save the date” will be in the January Family Law Journal and registration will open in about April for that summer’s conference

Reach out to Liz if you want to be a sponsor of the Summer event or are having trouble with Conference registration through the State Bar of Michigan.  Sponsor solicitations generally go out in February for that summer’s conference.  Conference registration usually opens in March or early April for the Summer event.

Reach out to Steve if you have ideas for special events for the Summer event or questions/concerns about the resort.  The conference locations are generally chosen a year in advance, with special events selected over the winter for the Summer conference.  For bother Summer and Winter events, reservation of rooms varies, but have sold out, so early reservations are suggested.  For the Summer event, Steve can also help direct you to the correct resort staff for assistance if problems arise as the date of the Conference approaches.

Reach out to Randy if you want to be a speaker/presenter at the Summer event or have topic ideas or requests.  Speakers and topics are generally solicited in the fall for the next year’s Summer event and finalized early in the calendar year for that year’s Summer event.    

When & How We Meet

The co-chairs meet irregularly as needed. 



Our chair(s) do not speak for the State Bar of Michigan or the Family Law Section and are liaisons to the Family Law Section. For the State Bar of Michigan position on any given subject, please contact the State Bar of Michigan directly. For the Family Law Section position on any given subject, please contact the Family Law Section Chair directly.