SCAO Child Support

Kent Weichmann, Committee Co-Chair   
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Former Friend of the Court
Former Chair of the Family Law Section
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Jade Edwards, Committee Co-Chair
Oakland County Friend of the Court
Pontiac, Michigan
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What We Do

Council asked us to investigate whether post-minority support for disabled children was appropriate and feasible.

How You Can Get Involved

The committee meets irregularly in accordance with the energy levels of the chairs.

When & How We Meet

We meet electronically as needed and of course at council meetings (click here) 

News from Our Committee

Council has approved the concept of post-minority support for disabled children.

The committee is now wrestling with the devil that lies in the details. 


Our committee and chair(s) do not speak for the State Bar of Michigan nor the Family Law Section, but rather provide recommendations to the Family Law Section.   For the State Bar of Michigan position on any given subject, please contact the State Bar of Michigan directly.   For the Family Law Section position on any given subject, please contact the Family Law section Chair directly.