Council Info

Leadership of the Section is comprised of the Section Council and officers, including the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and ex officio, together with nine other members elected by the Section. Appointed chairs also serve on the Section committees: Employee Benefits, Estates and Trusts, Federal Income Tax, State and Local Tax, and Young Tax Lawyers.

Officers 2021–2022

Section Liaisons

Neal Nusholtz
Probate & Estate Planning Section Liaison

Robert D. Heitmeyer
IRS Area Counsel Liaison

Eric R. Skinner
IRS Area Counsel Liaison

Jeff E Kirkey
ICLE Contacts Liaison—Tax Conference

Max H. Matthies
ICLE Contacts Liaison—Tax Law Series

Council Members

Ryan J. Peruski—Term Expires 2022
Tax Conference—2022

Erick W. Hosner—Term Expires 2023
Tax Conference—2023

Eric Gregory—Term Expires 2023
Editor, Michigan Tax Lawyer

Christopher Attar
Strategic Planning

Membership & Student Outreach

Sean H. Cook—Term Expires 2022
State/Federal Legislation Monitor and Public Policy Liaison

Allison M. Stelter—Term Expires 2023
Grant Program

Jennifer Watkins—Term Expires 2023
Public Communications

Nick Papasifakis—Term Expires 2023
Tax Court Luncheons & Annual Meeting

Christina Wease—Term Expires 2023
Pro Bono Initiative & Student Outreach

Program Facilitator

Mary Owiesny, Detroit