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Homeward Bound “Recent Legislation and Hot Topics on the Horizon”
on-demand webcast now available for those who did not attend the seminar. Order TODAY

Stay up-to-date on recent legislation, and get a preview of new legislation that may be on the horizon! The first hour of this seminar will include an overview of real property legislation that has passed during the last year, and an update from our lobbyist regarding bills that are currently pending in the state legislature. In the second hour we will learn more about two “hot topics”: the recent amendment to the Marketable Record Title Act and issues surrounding short-term rentals. This program is a must for practitioners who want to remain current on new developments in real property law.

Homeward Bound 2018-19 Series on-demand webcast now available for those who did not attend the series. Order TODAY

  • Navigating the Rapids: Understanding the Nuances of Water Rights in Michigan (3 hr, 35 min)
  • All “Good” Things Must Come to an End: Issues at the End of the Lease (2 hr, 53 min)
  • Accounting for Real Estate Lawyers (2 hr, 45 min)