Briefly & Public Corporation Law Quarterly

The Public Corporation Law Quarterly Publication Committee publishes a quarterly journal that includes scholarly articles about law, government, and public corporation issues, as well as information about Section activities and events, important decisions by Michigan and federal courts cases, and new Michigan regulations and legislation.

The Public Corporation Law Quarterly welcomes unsolicited manuscripts, particularly those dealing with issues of law, government, and public policy in Michigan, and letters to the editor. There is no average or expected length to submissions.  Articles must be in Word format, double-spaced.

Inquiries, information, suggestions, and items for publication can be directed to the Publications Committee.

Publications Committee

    Steven P. Joppich and Thomas Schultz

    Richard J. Figura

    George M. Elworth

    Phil Erickson
    East Lansing

All issues are in PDF format. Files larger than 1MB are noted.