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How Law Education Gives Wings to Your Career


Starting a career in law requires commitment but investing time and energy in obtaining an education in law offers many benefits. A law degree is highly regarded and gives you some great career options. 

Lawyers are always needed and in certain areas of law, like employment law, they are more in demand than ever, with many people switching to remote working. Even if you do not end up practicing law, your skills will be in demand in many other professions. 

It offers many career options

Areas of law, such as bankruptcy law, employment law, intellectual property law and environmental law, are always in demand, no matter what the state of the economy. 

Legal courses are challenging but they give students the preparation they need to transition to the workforce. To obtain the title of Juris Doctor and begin practicing as a lawyer, you can attend law schools in Los Angeles that offer online legal degrees. Abraham Lincoln University keeps its costs down and programs accessible so students can earn a degree while working full time.

It gives you transferable skills

Becoming a lawyer gives you many transferable skills that will help you no matter what career path you choose to pursue. If you don’t want to pursue a career as a lawyer, you will be a desirable candidate in many other fields such as media, academia, social work, politics, commerce and industry. Studying law can take you almost anywhere. 

Some of the skills you will develop as a law student include communication and critical thinking skills. Research skills are also necessary in many professions and lawyers are able to conduct in-depth research on almost any topic. Law students will also usually practice performing in court by participating in mock trials where they learn how to be persuasive and develop mediation skills. 

It provides financial benefits

Money may not be your only consideration when pursuing a law degree but it is likely to be one factor. Lawyers are among the most highly paid professionals in the legal industry and most attorneys receive salaries well above the national average. The top attorneys can earn millions of dollars a year. 

Of course, salaries depend on the area of specialization but even law professors can earn a good salary. You will enjoy a higher salary than most people and enjoy more job security. 

It challenges you intellectually 

Prospective law students should expect to be challenged on a daily basis and the challenges don’t stop. Those who want to keep learning will enjoy the mental stimulus. Problem-solvers and innovative thinkers are in demand in the legal profession. Staying up to date with changes in the industry is necessary, especially with the trend towards digitalization. 

From artificial intelligence and machine learning to litigation analytics and e-discovery, it is an exciting and dynamic time to be a member of the legal profession. Graduate school programs are integrating these trends into degree requirements. 

It offers rewards

You may have to work long hours and take on challenging cases but being a lawyer can be very rewarding. Helping to win cases and uphold the law will give you a sense of accomplishment. You may travel to participate in trials etc. and rub shoulders with many interesting people, from politicians to business leaders. 

If you’re a member of a legal team, it can be very invigorating to work alongside colleagues you respect and admire to solve a difficult case. Studying law gives you the qualifications you need to make your career goals possible, whether you choose to study law online or at a traditional institution.