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Career Options if You Need Action and Adventure in Your Life


For many people, working at a job that isn’t physically engaging or mentally challenging can lead to boredom over time and affect their happiness and careers. People who enjoy trying out new things, seeing new people, and exploring can also be negatively affected should they work on a stationary non-engaging job.

That is why we’ve created a list of the best jobs that will satisfy the action seeker and adventurer in almost everyone. Read on to find out what these jobs are

Join executive protection 

Working as an executive protection agent is the best fit for someone who enjoys action and adventure as you get to travel while protecting lives. Contrary to popular belief, working in executive protection rarely requires you to use force but identifying threats and evading them can be very exciting.

Taking a course in EP training is crucial in making you aware of the common misconceptions about the work and this is where Pacific West Academy comes in. The Pacific West Academy can prepare people who’ve worked in security, law enforcement and the military for the unique challenges that make executive protection rewarding for hands-on people.

Be a firefighter

Being a firefighter requires you to be extremely physically fit as saving people and property from being consumed by fire needs you to be quick and strong. Training alone can be fulfilling enough for someone who needs a career with action, as firefighting drills are designed to test you physically and mentally for stopping real fires.

What makes firefighting perfect for action lovers is that they’ll have to train every day and always be ready to respond to a call for assistance. That means there is never a slow day on the fire team and you don’t just fight fires, you’ll also get to go on rescue missions.

Teach English abroad

To keep the adventurer in you alive while having a stable job teaching English as a foreign language is the right career path as you can travel a lot. As a foreign language teacher, you aren’t required to spend years at one school. You can change the countries you work in after a few months. After all, learning Muay Thai for a few months in Thailand and then learning meditation and yoga in Bali for a year or so ain’t a bad deal at all. 

What action seekers can benefit from being foreign language teachers is that in some countries, they won’t teach in traditional classrooms, especially when working with NPOs. But regardless of whether you’ll be teaching in a professional private international school or assisting children without access to formal education, working with different people will always be exciting.

Become a private investigator

Working as a private investigator can keep action lovers on their toes as they’ll never know what the next job will entail or where an investigation will take them. Private investigators can find themselves looking for a missing person now and investigating company employees for fraudulent behavior the following month.

As a private investigator, you also have access to a wide range of high-tech equipment like secret recording devices, stealthy GPS tracking devices, and the latest spyware. Even if you don’t get exciting cases, working in secret can give you the thrill of becoming an undercover operative.

Blow things up

Nothing can be more exciting than blowing things up for a living, which makes working as an explosives technician a great job for action seekers. Explosives technicians usually work as contractors in various industries like mining, engineering, and construction, meaning they get to travel, a perk for adventurous people.

What makes being an explosives technician is exhilarating beyond witnessing the detonation is that they need to carefully calculate the explosion to affect a specific area. This means factors like location, the materials in the area to be blown up, and safety play a role in creating the perfect explosion.