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Legal Action After Losing Your Loved One in a Motorcycle Accident


The pain of losing a loved one is unbearable and although money can’t bring the close friend or relative back to life, finding justice for them can bring some solace. In the US, each year, many cases involving fatal motorcycle accidents go by without being solved or getting dismissed as they are not pursued rigorously.

Trying to escape this repetitive cycle takes some doing but it is not impossible. Here are some legal steps that you can take after losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident to find justice by winning their case.

Gather all records of the accident

As soon as you have heard about the accident, try to gather as much detail as possible. Even the smallest details can have a significant impact on the legal action you’d like to take. 

Sometimes, you might even forget to collect basic data such as police reports, postmortem assessment, and so forth. All these little bits of information can paint a clearer picture pertaining to who was at fault. This information can bring justice regarding the loved one’s accident case and contribute towards getting closure over your loss.

Immediately get an attorney

After losing a loved one, perhaps the least of your worries is getting an attorney to bring justice for that close friend or relative. The truth is, this should be amongst the first things you do upon hearing that tragic news. 

Expert Motorcycle Attorney Stephen Babcock from Baton Rouge, LA, says it is very important to get a lawyer as soon as possible. They can hit the ground running and since the matter is still fresh, the likelihood of getting the case solved is increased. Try to find the best accident attorney available as this directly impacts whether you win or lose the case.

Press charges against the perpetrator 

One of the legal steps you can take after losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident is identifying the perpetrator and pressing charges. The charges that might be laid on the defendant might include homicide or involuntary manslaughter. 

Determining which charges to press depends on the lawyer working the case but they should keep you in the loop about this. The charges they will press are also highly dependent on the facts and evidence presented before them. If the accident was a mistake, the perpetrator might get charges with involuntary manslaughter.

Claim for damages

Although money might not help a lot in this case, claiming for damages could help offset the financial deficit incurred by the funeral. At the same time, if the loved one was a breadwinner, the damages claimed could help offset the financial needs of the family. 

A lawyer can help you navigate the tricky situation of claiming compensation for the deceased one. The amount of your claim might vary and could depend on the charges laid on the perpetrator. In whatever case, please do not try to attempt this on your own but instead get a professional lawyer.

Make decisions objectively

It is true, grief affects us differently and that is why you should strive to make decisions with an objective mind. There will be many decisions you need to do and some might change the trajectory of the case. 

Whenever faced with these important decisions, do not be impulsive; instead, decide with a clear head. Sleeping over that particular matter can be very helpful in making objective decisions. By doing so, you will be able to get justice for your loved one regardless of the legal action you’ve taken.