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How Can Mugshots on The Internet Jeopardize Your Career


If you get arrested, the police will likely post your mugshot for ease of identification. Once you are taken to court and your case is dismissed or you serve your full sentence, you are entitled by law to have your mugshot removed unless it was a serious crime. 

It is not always easy to remove mugshots because other people can upload your mugshot on their websites either to attract attention from visitors or for their special reasons, and this can ruin your career in several ways. 

Employers will search your name online

After your name is expunged from the police records and you are set free, you might want to seek employment again. Before your future employer contacts you, they will search your name online to gather more information about you. The bad news will be to find your mugshot online. 

Before you apply for employment, search your name online and check if your mugshot was removed and if other websites had uploaded it. If you find your mugshot online, there are three steps you can take. 

First, you can contact the website that uploaded your mugshot and ask them to remove it. Alternatively, contact Google and ask them to remove it or contact Mugshot Removal service VelSEOity and let them remove it. The removal service will search and establish all sites that contain your mugshot and contact them and get it removed. They are professionals so they know the tricks of the trade.

Bloggers can upload your mugshot and it might lead to job loss

One of the potential areas your mugshot can be uploaded is blogs. They could be news blogs, business blogs, travel and so on. The news blogs search for news that people want to hear. 

If you are well known in society, your mugshot can serve as a magnet to attract readers and subscriptions to news blogs. If you are not keen, the mugshot can keep circulating and ruin your chance to better your career. Your current employer can terminate your job because of a mugshot published in a blog.

Your mugshot on social media can prevent you from getting a new job 

Social media is well known for trending news and posts which can spread like wildfire. Once your mugshot finds its way into social media, it can be circulated to millions of people on different social media platforms within a short time. 

It becomes much harder to remove your mugshot once it has circulated deeply on social media or the search engines. You must ensure it does not continue to circulate to protect your online image. The mugshot will work against you and it might be hard for you to get a job. 

People will think you are a criminal and deny you opportunities 

Most people would associate mugshots with criminal life, even if you were involved in a minor case. Most people who know you and see your mugshot online will think that you are not trustworthy. 

The disadvantage with this is that you could have close relatives willing to help you get a good job from a friend or another relative. They can easily change their mind because of the mugshot. 

Your friends could also be willing to help you get a job if they have an opening in their companies, but again, a mugshot can ruin the opportunity. Your mugshot will not be taken positively by your relatives, community or potential employers. You might need to spend some money to remove your mugshot for the sake of your career but it’s worth it.