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Why would a personal injury lawyer refuse your case?


There are times when you have to take no for an answer.  You are injured, but it’s not your fault.  You visited the doctor for what should have been a simple procedure, but something happened, and you are worse off now than when you first saw the hospital.  Or maybe you slipped on ice in front of the grocery store, broke one of your legs, and you can no longer work because you cannot leave your house.  However, you are confident that the accident was not your fault and deserve compensation for your pain and inconvenience.  But sadly, the local law firm refuses to take your case, and you cannot understand why they decline the claim.  This article will explain why some lawyers refuse cases

The statute of limitations has passed

The law sets strict deadlines for filing a claim, and if you are too late to contact the lawyer or decide that you want compensation for your injuries, then the lawyer may refuse the case because you waited too long to hire a lawyer.  Like any other process regarding the law, personal injury claims need to meet specific deadlines, and you must heed those deadlines.


There is a conflict of interest

Sometimes the lawyer has to refuse your case because they represent one of the other parties involved in the case. They may not tell you exactly why they reject you, but they may recommend that you hire someone else. In this case, the good news is that it has nothing to do with your claim, and you can find another attorney who can represent you during the process. 


They’re too busy

Sometimes reputable law firms like the Baumgartner Law Firm are very selective with new clients because they want to devote all their time to the existing ones. Most lawyers in this situation will kindly refer you to someone who can help you.  Again, it’s good that the refusal has nothing to do with the case, and another lawyer can handle the claim for you.  You should always have a list of reputable attorneys you can choose from when looking for a personal injury lawyer. 


This is not their expertise

In theory, all personal injury lawyers can take personal injury cases, but often some lawyers choose a particular area of expertise and refuse other cases.  Not all lawyers are experts in the type of law you need, even if they have basic knowledge about it.  Some handle only car accidents, while others prefer medical malpractice.  Some specialize in personal injury law as a general area of practice, but if your case is complicated, they may recommend hiring someone who handles your particular claim.


A good lawyer will tell you if they feel they cannot help you win your case.  And in situations like this, they may even refer you to some of their colleagues that can represent you.


A little internet research will quickly provide you with a list of personal injury lawyers to discuss your claims.


The economics of the claim are not attractive

A lawyer may decline a case because after weighing the cost, time, risk, and expected fee, the attorney does not believe it makes business sense to work on the matter.  Opinions on this may vary, as do the expectations of lawyers.  A victim may have to speak with several attorneys to find one to help.