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Cannabis Counsel®, a Registered Trademark and Dba of Rivertown Law Firm PLC

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Cannabis Counsel®, a Registered Trademark and Dba of Rivertown Law Firm PLC
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Detroit, MI
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Thomas MJ Lavigne is a partner at Cannabis Counsel ®. Cannabis Counsel ® started in 1999 by Matthew Abel as a law firm focused on marijuana defense, now, since 2010 has five attorneys handling cannabis business law and the new Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act application, compliance and renewal processes.  Application submittals are going smoothly, considering it is a new system and process.  The firm often travels to cannabis law seminars from Colorado to Key West and now as proud members of Michigan's Marihuana Law Section.  

Cannabis Counsel ® law firm is both a museum of and headquarters of the cannabis movement in Michigan, often hosting large grassroots political action meetings, where initiatives are born. 

Lavigne is Secretary of the Board of MILegalize formed to pass a ballot initiative to legalize industrial hemp and cannabis for adult use in Michigan.  The hard part is accomplished as we won the Vote Yes campaign for the November 2018 election.  Now we need to enforce the new law, and help society step into their new found freedoms.

Cannabis Counsel ® has five attorneys, including Matthew Abel, plus several of counsel including Colorado and New York create strategic synergies that have come together at Cannabis Counsel, a unique, niche law firm.  

Cannabis Counsel ® is one of the country’s oldest cannabis only law firm. 

Lavigne often makes television appearances as a spokesperson for the cannabis movement for debates of senators and drug warriors.  From Judges' chambers to media to public meetings, Lavigne has observed a softening on the issue over the years, and is proud to have helped contribute to a cultural, sociological, economic change that is happening necessarily alongside the change of the law which we had to take into our own hands, because of a dysfunctional legislature, gerrymandered to death and beholden to monied anti-cannabis plant natural resource interests.