Council Information

Past Chairs

Angela Hentkowski

Robert D. Mannor
Christine Caswell
Kelly J. McNerney Quardokus
Christopher William Smith
Hon. Sara Ann Schimke
Michele P. Fuller
Patrick J. Bond
Rosemary H. Buhl
Bradley A. Vauter
Caroline M. dellenbusch
William J. Ard
Paul A. Sturgul
Don L. Rosenberg
Amy Rombyer Tripp
Dolores M. Coulter
Sanford J. Mall
Kathleen M. Graham
Lisa P. Lepine
Douglas G. Chalgian
James Schuster
Patricia Kefalas Dudek
Priscilla Cheever
Katherin B. albreacht
Katherine A. Martin


Executive Committee Chair: Maria R. Messina-Wiersma

Administrative Law Committee Chair: Erin Mortenson,

Amicus Curiae Committee Chair: Angela Hentkowski,

Disability Rights Committee Chair: Nadia Vann,

Eldercaring Coordination Committee Chair: Kimberly Parks,

Fall Conference Committee Chair: Susan Chalgian,

Spring Conference Committee Chair: Harley Manela,

Membership and Education Committee Chair: Amanda Murray,

Legislative Committee Chair: Catherine Jacobs,

Legislative Initiatives Committee Chair: Christopher W. Smith,

Litigation Committee Chair: Angela Hentkowski, 

Newsletter Committee Chair: Christine Caswell,

Public Interest Committee Chair: Nicole Shannon,

UPL-Probate and Estate Planning Council Committee Chair: Angela Hentkowski,

Wayne County Probate Court Subcommittee Chair: Antonia Harbin-Lamb,