Mediator Forum

When:  Feb 24, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Small group discussion where mediators share their favorite techniques, experiences, interventions and approaches. Everyone will be provided the below list of discussion topics. Registrants will be randomly divided into small groups by Zoom. Each group will select a discussion leader to manage the discussion; and a “scrivener” to keep notes for posting in the ADR Section resource library. After a time, we will return to large group to share the best ideas. New groups will then be randomly assigned to continue the discussion and exchange with a different group of colleagues. We expect three sessions in all, each of which will focus on different topics from the list below.

Mediator Forum Discussion Topics
Techniques for gaining the confidence and trust of parties at the start of mediation
Mediating via Zoom: what works well for you?
Talking to parties and lawyers
Mediator proposals
Combined mediation/case evaluation processes
Does delegation of case evaluation authority impact your mediation process?
Favorite techniques for closing mediation and reaching agreement
Keeping track of the midpoint


Mary Anne Parks
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