Young Lawyers Section Help Page

The Young Lawyers Section and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section have agreed to collaborate by creating a program to mentor, coach, and advise YLS members on a volunteer basis, and to provide assistance to those who have questions or concerns about the ADR process. This page is designed to provide the names of experienced alternative dispute resolution practitioners to answer urgent questions about mediation and arbitration YLS members might have. This resource is specifically limited to members of the Young Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Michigan. There will be no charge for this service.

For example, you might have questions about how to select a mediator; what considerations go into selecting a mediator; how to prepare a client for the process; what is likely to happen in a mediation; how mediation advocacy differs from traditional zealous advocacy; how to strategize and plan for negotiations at the mediation table; how to draft a mediation statement; how to conduct yourself in a mediation; or how to draft a settlement agreement. Alternatively, you might have questions about how to demand an arbitration; how to respond to an arbitration demand; how an arbitration is conducted; how to prepare an arbitration statement; how to find good arbitrators; or other questions about the arbitration process. In regard to any ADR process of interest to you, the ADR Section looks forward to the opportunity to be of service!

Below is a list of experienced volunteer members of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Michigan who are available to answer your questions. Just call the phone number listed and the member you called will speak with you as soon as practicable.

The lawyers listed above are not providing legal advice but are willing to serve as a resource for YLS Section members who may not have an experienced lawyer or mentor to consult. It is our goal to provide an expeditious response to your questions.

Questions: Please contact Michael S. Leib, chair, Section to Section Team, ADR Section,, or call (248) 563-2500.