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Webinar: Domestic Violence Screening and Mediation

Originally held October 18, 2017

MCL 600.1035 now requires every domestic relations mediator to “make reasonable inquiry” to determine whether there is a history of coercion or violence between the parties in every domestic relations mediation. The law states that a reasonable inquiry includes using the Michigan Domestic Violence Screening Protocol. In addition, mediators must continuously monitor for DV throughout the mediation.

  • What is required of domestic relations mediators by MCL 600.1035?
  • Are you familiar with and prepared to use the domestic violence protocol?
  • Do you have the tools to continuously monitor for domestic violence?
  • What do you need to know about screening for domestic violence in mediation?

This webinar with three of the state’s top experts will enable you to use the protocol with confidence, to continue to monitor for DV throughout your mediation, and help you explain to parties and attorneys how this confidential process can work safely and expeditiously for the benefit of all participants.

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