Council Info

Leadership of the Section is comprised of the Section Council and officers, including the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and ex officio, together with nine other members elected by the Section. Appointed chairs also serve on the Section committees: Employee Benefits, Estates and Trusts, Federal Income Tax, State and Local Tax, and Young Tax Lawyers.

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Officers 2018–2019

Jackie J. Cook
James H. Combs
Vice Chair
William Lentine
Andrew W. MacLeod
Carolee K. Smith

Section Liaisons

Neal Nusholtz
Probate & Estate Planning Section Liaison

Robert D. Heitmeyer
Area Counsel Liaison

Eric R. Skinner
Area Counsel Liaison

Council Members

Eric W. Gregory—Term Expires 2021

Sean Cook—Term Expires 2019
Tax Court Luncheon

Andrea Crumback—Term Expires 2019
Tax Conference 2018

Thomas Fabbri—Term Expires 2021

Brian T. Gallagher—Term Expires 2020

Mindi M. Johnson—Term Expires 2020

Michael P. Monaghan—Term Expires 2020

Ryan J. Peruski—Term Expires 2021

Joshua M. Wease—Term Expires 2019
Pro Bono Program

Commissioner Liaison

Thomas H. Howlett, Bloomfield Hills

Program Facilitator

Mary Owiesny, Detroit