Council Information


Executive Committee Chair: Christopher W. Smith,, (248) 799-2711
Members: Christopher Smith, Kelly Quardokus, Christine Caswell, Robert Mannor, Sara Schimke
To guide and organize the Section as a whole, ensure that the Section is abiding by the mission of the group as outlined in its bylaws.

Fall Conference Committee Chair: Angela Hentkowski,
Members: Robert Mannor, Amanda Murray, Sara Schimke, David Sprague, Audra Woods
Purpose is to identify potential locations for the annual fall conference, obtain availability and pricing information, and present the same to the counsel for discussion, determination and a vote. Further, the chair is responsible to circulating the proposed contract for necessary approval. Planning content for the annual fall conference, arranging speakers, budget and making arrangements with venue for hotel, food and beverage.

Spring Conference Committee Chair: Harley Manela,
Arranging the venue, planning the content, arranging for speakers, arranging food and beverage and obtain sponsorships.

Membership Committee Chair: Maria Messina,
Members: Erma Thomas, Darling Garcia, Theresa Orlaske-Rich
To expand membership in the Section keeping in mind the goals of diversity in members, educate legal community of the benefits of membership in the section.

Legislative Committee Chair: Kelly Quardokus,, (269) 343-2272
Members: Robert Anderson, Christine Caswell, Howard Collens, Caroline Dellenbusch, Patricia Dudek, Chris Smith, James Steward, Todd Tennis, Jean Doss, Michael Mestelle, Theresa Orlaske-Rich, Christopher Smith, James Steward, Susan Chalgian, Nick Ryan.
To review, comment and propose positions on legislative activity that could impact the lives of seniors and/ or persons with a disability. 

Litigation Committee Chair: Raymond Harris,
Members: Christine Caswell, Jill Goodell, Jim Schuster, Jim Steward, David Kerr, Dave Shaltz, Greg Kish
Review requests for assistance with litigation, coordinate with NAELA-MI for funding, prepare responses to litigation matters or amicus briefs, etc.

Newsletter Committee Chair: Christine Caswell,
Member: Erma Thomas
Solicit articles, prepare newsletter, edit content, distribute to members

UPL-Probate and Estate Planning Council Committee Chair: Angela Hentkowski,