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December 21, 2016

From the Desk of Chair Judy B. Calton

Jane Forbes & the Nonprofit Corporations Committee

Judy B. Calton

At the Business Law Section’s most recent quarterly Council meeting on December 3, 2016, the Section’s immediate past Chair, Douglas Toering, presented an award to Jane Forbes recognizing her nearly three decades of service to the Nonprofit Corporations Committee, the Business Law Section, and the nonprofits of this state. Jane has chaired or co-chaired the Nonprofit Corporations Committee for many years. Most recently, she and committee member Mark Lezotte were instrumental in the passing of the 2015 amendments to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act and related statutes affecting nonprofit corporations. A former partner at Dykema, Jane is now retired. Many thanks to Jane Forbes for her decades of faithful service. Few know of all the work Jane has done, but she deserves thanks for it.

Celeste Arduino has been appointed to serve along with Jennifer Oertel as co-chairs of the Nonprofit Corporations Committee. Among other things, the Committee addresses pending and possible revisions to pertinent law. For example, at the Committee’s November 8, 2016, meeting, the Committee discussed:

    a. SB 960, which would amend the State’s General Property Tax Act by adding criteria for a charitable nonprofit and granting property tax exemptions for nonprofits meeting the criteria
    b. HB 5710-5713 on benefit corporations. The Committee is reviewing progress of  the legislation
    c. SB 1048, which proposes several changes for the Business Corporation Act. The Committee is evaluating whether the proposed Business Corporation Act amendments would necessitate changes to the Nonprofit Corporation Act
    d. The Model Nonprofit Corporation Act is in the process of being revised. The Committee will review the revisions with a view toward whether there should be corresponding changes to Michigan’s Nonprofit Corporation Act.

In light of these potential changes to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Committee is requesting comment from members of the bar on any other suggested amendments.

If you would like to learn more about or join the Nonprofit Corporations Committee, please contact Jennifer Oertel,, or Celeste Arduino,

Judy B. Calton
Chair, Business Law Section
(313) 465-7344

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