Council Information


The Information Technology Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan provides education, information, and analysis about issues of concern through meetings, seminars, this site, public service programs, and publication of a newsletter. Membership in the Section is open to all members of the State Bar of Michigan. Statements made on behalf of the Section do not necessarily reflect the views of the State Bar of Michigan.

The purposes of the Section are to review, comment upon, and appraise members of the State Bar of Michigan and others of developments in the law relating to information technology, including:

  • the protection of intellectual and other proprietary rights;
  • sale, leasing, distribution, provision, and use of, hardware, software, services, and technology, including computer and data processing equipment, computer software and services, games and gaming, information processing, programming, and computer networks;
  • electronic commerce
  • electronic implementation of governmental and other non-commercial functions;
  • the Internet and other networks; and
  • associated contract and tort liabilities, and related civil and criminal legal consequences.