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Environmental Law Speakers List

Speakers' contact information may be listed in the Member Directory.

Speaker Air Water Issues

Hazardous Substances & Brown-fields

Natural Resources
Litigation Energy Other
Jared T. Belka     X  
Kurt M. Brauer X X X   Wet lands lending/secured party, economic development, and emerging contaminants.
John V. Byl X   X      
Christopher M. Bzdok         X Citizen suits
Michael L. Caldwell   X X   Wet lands
Daniel Cherrin           Crisis management, media relations, government relations/lobbying, social media engagement and stakeholder engagement
Paul Collins X
Charles M. Denton   X X   X   Waste, NRD, toxic torts, remediation, citizens suits
Dennis J. Donohue   X       Wetlands, mining, sediment remediation
James Enright X X X X Local government environmental issues
Todd Fracassi   X X     Remediation, enforcement, permitting, hazardous waste, transactional diligence and liability considerations
Beth Gotthelf X Waste/compliance, crisis management,PFAS, wastewater, remediation, tax incentives
Scott D. Hubbard   X       Waste, CERCLA/Part 201 remediation and due diligence issues; Clean Water Act/Part 31; and transactional environmental law
S. Lee Johnson X X
Douglas R. Kelly X Drain Law, environmental litigation regarding Part 31, 91, 301 and 30
Kurt A. Kissling X TSCA
Steven C. Kohl X
Anna M. Maiuri X   X   Wet lands, due diligence, landfills
Nicholas Maloof X Environmental due diligence, environmental remediation
James K. O’Brien     X Waste, wet Lands, business transactions
Dustin P. Ordway   X X Waste, wet lands, environmental litigation, shoreline issues and riparian rights
Michael Pattwell X X X Wet lands, Parts 211 and 213 in underground storage tanks
Joseph E. Quandt X X X   Wet lands
Oday Salim Waste, drinking water
AnnMarie Sanford X Waste, TSCA
Scott Sinkwitts X
Grant R. Trigger     X     Landfill redevelopment
James T. Weiner X X         Waste, conservation easements and land conservation issues

Section Members Who Provide Mediation Services

The following Section members are listed on a Michigan panel of mediators (State Circuit Court and/or United States District Court, WDMI). Contact information may be found in the Member Directory.

Joseph C. Basta
Charles M. Denton
Frederick D. Dilley
Douglas Donnel
Mike Figliomeni
James K. O’Brien
James M. Olson
Dustin P. Ordway
Joseph E. Quandt
Michael V. Sucaet
Tyler D. Tennent
Grant Trigger