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Chair’s Report From Kelly Martorano


Kelly MartoranoPublished in Michigan Environmental Law Journal, Fall 2018, Vol. 36, No. 2, Issue 105 [view full issue].
Cite: 36 Mich Env Law J 2 (2018)

I am honored and excited to begin my term as the newest chair of the Environmental Law Section and look forward to a productive and fun year. The Section leadership has some exciting ideas for the coming year that we hope will intrigue and engage the current Section membership and also attract new members.

However, first I want to thank Scott Steiner for turning over the Section on a high note. His leadership and commitment to promoting the Section over the last year and driving forward improvements has put us in the position of being one of the top Sections in the Michigan Bar. I recently attended the Section Chair Orientation in Lansing and was so proud to see our Section's web page and the Environmental Law Journal being used as an example of what other Sections can achieve.

Please check out the web page and set up your profile on SBM Connect while you are there. SBM Connect will be one of the ways we will be working to keep our members informed and distribute news about events and current environmental issues. There is a nice tutorial on using SBM Connect that the Section posted in 2017 that should help you get started, if needed.

In 2019, the Environmental Law Section plans to continue offering high quality and relevant webinars and programs to its members. The content of recent webinars has ranged from information on cross boarder environmental issues with Canada to information on the Endangered Species Act. Look for more timely and informative webinars and programs in 2019, including a new initiative to present the basics of environmental law for new lawyers and lawyers who need to understand environmental issues, but do not concentrate solely on environmental law.

In addition to the informative webinars and programs, the Section is always looking for articles and content to add to our top-notch Environmental Law Journal. If you have any ideas or would like to write an article, please reach out to us.

The Section is also planning to have some fun this year! Look for one or two meet-ups intended to reconnect with old colleagues, meet new ones, and mentor young lawyers who want to hear and learn what the practice of environmental law is all about.

Finally, thank you to all of the Environmental Law Section Chairs that have come before me and have made the Section what it is today! I look forward to engaging with many of you this year and meeting and talking with new members of the Section. Please feel free to reach out to me at any point this year with your ideas or comments.