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Message from Chair Scott Steiner


Published in Michigan Environmental Law Journal, Fall 2017, Vol. 35, No. 2, Issue 103 [view full issue].
Cite: 35 Mich Env Law J 2 (2017)

Scott SteinerAs you read this 103rd issue of the MELJ, you will notice something different. It is the first issue of the last 20 which is not produced by Chris Dunsky, our long time editor and chair of the Journal Committee. Chris has always done a stellar job with the Journal and we are most grateful for his years of dedication and insistence on a high quality publication. The good news is that we have Amanda Urban who is taking over the editor position with a lot of energy, great ideas, and determination to continue at the high level Chris maintained.

By the same token, as I begin my term as chair of the Section, I hope to continue the high level of service and accomplishment set by my predecessor, Dennis Donohue and those before him. One major area of focus will be our efforts to increase the membership and active involvement of young attorneys and law students interested in environmental law. As always, we will have several webinars and other programs, including joint conferences with other professional organizations, covering current issues. Be sure to check out the Section page at SBM Connect for all the latest information and publications.