Mission & Goals


The goal of the Children’s Law Section is to assist attorneys, jurists, and legal professionals in the provision of legal services to children and families by promoting and protecting attorney and client interests; by offering education and training; by providing attorneys with resources and tools to competently represent clients; by offering mentoring and networking opportunities for legal professionals; by adopting positions on legal issues of importance to attorneys that practice juvenile law; and by initiating and monitoring court rule changes and legislation to effectuate proper implementation of legal mandates.

Further goals of the Children’s Law Section are to protect the interests of children and families in legal proceedings by initiating and monitoring legislation and agency policy; adopting positions on issues of public concern; writing and submitting amicus briefs to the Michigan Supreme Court; and by offering public service programs, trainings, and outreach to those in need of legal information concerning these specialized areas of juvenile law.

Mission Statement

The Children’s Law Section serves and protects the interests of attorneys, jurists, legal professionals, and the clients that they represent in child welfare, adoption, and juvenile justice proceedings.