One of the most important ways that a young lawyer can get involved in the Section is through one of its 12 committees. Through the committees, opportunities for leadership are many and limited only by a member's imagination.

The Section's committees are charged with organizing and spearheading activities and events throughout the state, consistent with the agenda set each year by the Executive Council.

A description of the YLS Committees can be found below. Please complete the online form indicating the committee or committees you are interested in.

From there, the YLS committee chair(s) will contact you with further information. Our goal is to involve as many young lawyers in Section activities as possible, and to match them with activities and events, consistent with their level of interest and time constraints.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for YLS committee members varies based on the committee and level of involvement. Committee work can range from one to ten hours per month (inclusive of any meetings or programs). Committee meetings are typically held by teleconference and are generally held during the work week and last up to (2) hours.


Community Outreach Committee

  • The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for planning and implementing various service projects and initiatives to serve the public. The Committee's work also helps create a more positive image of the YLS and the legal profession in the community.
  • Committee projects include: "Know Your Rights" events, Law Day and Justice League 5K: Heroes v. Villains.
  • Co-Chairs: Bobby Ficklin and Angela Baldwin

Disaster Legal Services Committee

  • The Disaster Legal Services Committee is responsible for organizing the Section's disaster legal assistance efforts. Disasters, both natural and manmade, can result in large populations in immediate need of legal assistance on a number of topics.The Committee, in conjunction with the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division and the Federal Emergency Management Agency Office of Disaster Assistance Programs, works to develop a disaster relief plan for providing a network of volunteer attorneys to provide free legal services to victims of federally declared disasters throughout the State of Michigan. The Committee is also tasked with creating and maintaining the disaster relief handbook covering common legal situations and available resources for survivors of Michigan disasters.
  • Chair: Amy Krieg

Diversity Committee

  • The Diversity Committee is responsible for promoting diversity in the legal profession. The Committee is tasked with organizing diversity related seminars, projects, and initiatives for section members and the public.
  • Committee projects include: the YLS Mock Trial Competition, "What Do Lawyers Do?" seminars, and the 7-12 grade Instagram Competition
  • Co-Chairs: Choi Portis and Matt Breuer

Education Committee

  • The Education Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating educational and professional development seminars that are specifically designed to meet the needs of young lawyers. When possible, the Committee tries to include experienced young lawyers in the program faculty to provide them with the opportunity to gain exposure and experience in an educational forum.
  • Committee projects include: Breakfast Basics (in conjunction with ICLE), "Lunch and Learn" seminars, "Navigating the Courts" seminars, New Lawyer Orientation, and 101 Seminars.
  • Chair: Colemon Potts

Health and Wellness Committee

  • The Health and Wellness Committee is responsible for promoting the overall health and well-being of young lawyers. The Committee is tasked with organizing seminars and activities focused on mental health and wellness, fitness and exercise, healthy living, and stress management.
  • Committee projects include: "Fit 2 Practice" series and mental health wellness programs
  • Chair: Syeda Davidson

Inter Alia Committee

  • The Inter Alia Committee is responsible for collecting content for and publishing the YLS Newsletter, Inter Alia. Inter Alia is published at least four times a year, and provides the YLS membership with articles on substantive issues, practice tips, and notice of upcoming Section events and news. Annually, the Inter Alia Committee recognizes contributors to the Inter Alia for that bar year.If you are interested in writing an article, please contact Syeda Davidson at the e-mail address shown below.
  • Chair: Kara Hart-Negrich

Media/ Marketing Relations Committee

  • The Media/Marketing Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining the YLS webpage, marketing and promotional materials, protocol regarding the YLS listserv, and initiating and maintaining any other media and/or marketing relations items.
  • Co-Chairs: Aaron Sohaski and Ryan Zemke

Membership Committee

  • The Membership Committee is responsible for promoting greater participation of Section members in the YLS and bar association as a whole. The Committee is tasked with ensuring the Section adequately engages its membership through planning social and networking events, looking for partnerships with other professional organizations, and suggesting ways to increase the Section's value to its members.The Committee also works with liaisons to and from various SBM sections.
  • Committee projects include: "I am YLS" bar exam outreach, bar admission ceremony outreach, and networking power hour events.
  • Chair: Katherine Bennett

National Trial Advocacy Competition Committee

  • The National Trial Advocacy Competition Committee is responsible for coordinating the Annual National Trial Advocacy Competition for law schools across the country. Please note that the 2016 NTAC was held November 4–6, 2016. The next NTAC will be in the Fall 2017.
  • Co-Chairs: Kristina Bilowus and Chris Wickman

Pro Bono Committee

  • The Pro Bono Committee is responsible for promoting pro bono legal service throughout Michigan. The Committee is tasked with sponsoring pro bono projects and events, and partnering with providers of pro bono opportunities to provide young lawyers with the training and support they need to become successful advocates.Annually, the Committee will recognize young lawyers who provide pro bono service. This Committee works with YLS affiliate organizations and programs to provide pro bono opportunities to young lawyers and to promote the public's access to justice.
  • Committee projects include: Legal Clinics, Wills for Heroes, and the #SBMYLSProbonoChallenge
  • Chair: Laura Kubit

Upper Peninsula Engagement Committee

  • The Upper Peninsula Engagement Committee is responsible for organizing programs and activities specifically for young lawyers in the Upper Peninsula ("UP"). The Committee is also tasked with examining the unique issues UP young lawyers face in getting more involved in the Section and exploring ways to further engage them.
  • Chair: Erica Payne

Young Lawyer Summit Committee