Workers' Compensation Law: Annual Meeting

When:  Jun 19, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

The annual meeting in Grand Rapids has been cancelled. However, the Council has arranged to conduct a Zoom meeting at the above-mentioned time. The required link is listed below and no password will be required. Agenda to follow. Should you have questions contact Dan Zolkowski at

See the financial reports here and here.


9:00 General Business

Chairperson’s Report—Andrea Hamm

Secretary’s Report—Jayson Chizick

Treasurer’s Report—Phillip Frame

Director’s Report—Jack Nolish

WDCAC Chair’s Report—Daryl Royal

Chief Magistrate’s Report—Luke McMurray

10:15 Appellate Update

Michael Reinholm

10:30 Hall of Fame

Recipients—Cynthia Kriger and Roy Portenga.

Introduction by Rosa Bava and Debbie Strain for Cynthia Kriger.

Introduction by Magistrate Chris Slater for Roy Portenga.


11:00 The 50-year Members of the Section

Introduction by Rick Lovernick.

Recipients—Samuel E. Gabriel; James R. Geroux; Stephen L. Redisch;

Frederic J. Ruby; and Michael F. Zipser.


11:10 The Donald Ducey Civility Award

Introduction by Rosa Bava.

Acceptance on behalf of Donald Ducey by Cameron C. McComb.


11:25 Voting

New members—Alicia Birach, Jacob Bender, and Matt Conklin with Mr. Conklin taking the position of Treasurer. Executive officers—Rosa Bava, Chairperson; Jayson Chizick, Vice Chairperson; and Phillip Frame, Secretary. Re-election—Sean Shearer for another term as a councilmember.

Nominations from the floor? 

11:40–11:50 Closing

New Chairperson—Rosa Bava

Zoom link for Annual Meeting



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