ADR Section: Mediating in Diverse & Minority Communities

When:  Jun 13, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

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Join us in Grand Rapids for a powerful, thought-provoking and important skill-building seminar like none you’ve ever attended before!

ADR providers aspire to provide the highest quality process possible when engaged to mediate conflicts and lawsuits. When we mediate in minority and culturally diverse communities, however, are we the best we can be? None of us is free of bias, implicit or otherwise. But do we harbor feelings of which we are not consciously aware? How do we know? What steps can we take to recognize and address potential risks to our neutrality? When the parties are members of minority communities, come from Middle Eastern or Hispanic backgrounds, or identify as LGBTQ, are there “hot buttons” about which we should be aware? Are there differences we could and should understand about these cultures and backgrounds that would assist us in improving the quality of the process? Do we appreciate fully what it means to be respectful, sensitive, and welcoming to those from diverse backgrounds? Could we be better? Could we provide a safer, more accessible and higher-level process?

Join our nationally-renowned keynote presenter, Professor Carol L. Izumi, University of California, Hastings Law, San Francisco, and Michigan experts in raising the quality of the mediation process for everyone who hires us no matter what their background or culture.

Gain fresh understanding and insight. Take home successful approaches and effective techniques designed to establish trust, open channels of communication, gain confidence, and build the foundation for endurable and satisfying resolution. Become the best mediator you can be with all parties!


Susan K. Klooz, Lakeshore Resolution, Holland

Keynote Presenter

Carol L. Izumi, University of California Hastings Law, San Francisco


Shereef H. Akeel, Akeel & Valentine, PLC, Troy

Stephen R. Drew, Drew Cooper & Anding, Grand Rapids

Angie Iglisia Martell, Iglesia Martell Law Firm PLLC, Ann Arbor

Elizabeth Reyes-Rosario, Grand Rapids Law Group, Grand Rapids

Ric Roane, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, Grand Rapids

Betty R. Widgeon, Widgeon Dispute Resolution PLC, Ann Arbor

Pamela C. Enslen, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, Grand Rapids

Christine P. Gilman, Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan, Grand Rapids

William W. Jack, Jr., SmithHaughey Rice & Roegge, Grand Rapids



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