ADR Section: Negotiation, Persuasion & Decision Making

When:  Jun 19, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM (ET)
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Registration deadline is June 14. There is no onsite registration for this event. This event location may require photo identification.

Cost: SBM ADR, Environmental Law, Litigation, or Labor Law Section Members $75; Non-Section Members $95; Law Students $25; WMU-Cooley Law Students Free

Your registration fee includes lunch on premises and an afterglow reception at the end of the program sponsored by the ADR Section of the State Bar.

Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Stokoe, Ph.D.

Dr. Stokoe will provide an exciting, entertaining, and compelling presentation on scientific techniques that reveal what works and what does not work in settlement discussions and our daily communications. This is what we have been waiting for to help us with communication in our professional and personal lives.

Attend the Day to Learn
1. What professionals do that causes conflict and resistance.
2. What communication strategies work in stressful conversations with emotional parties.
3. Why we’re wrong about rapport.
4. Which verbs lead to engagement in high-stakes settings.
5. How mediators help clients get to solutions in mediation.
6. Why every word matters.

This training is based on empirical research conducted by Dr. Stokoe and her colleagues. She specializes in the science of talk, studying how people converse and communicate better. In Part 1 of the training, the goal is for mediators to gain insight into communication practices that work to persuade, overcome resistance, and shape decision-making when parties are emotional and where conflict is high at the mediation table. Her recommendations are research based, not “gut” instinct. In Part 2, the program emphasizes solution focused questions and their role in bringing about agreement. Learn the specific words that research proves help achieve solutions; and those which simply do not work except to add to stress and emotionality.

Stokoe-web.jpgDr. Elizabeth Stokoe, Ph.D. is a professor of social interaction in the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University, United Kingdom. She uses conversation analysis to understand how talk works—from first dates to police interrogations; from medical communication to hostage negotiation; from agreeing to try mediation to learning about each other. An exciting and accomplished speaker and TED Talk presenter, she has published over 100 scholarly articles and books, including a popular science book that will be published at the end of 2018, Talk: The Science of Conversation. Outside the university she runs workshops with doctors, mediators, sales people, police, and other professionals using her research-based communication training method called the “Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method.” She is one of 13 WIRED 2015 Innovation Fellows; has given TED, New Scientist, Google and Royal Institution lectures, and her research and biography were featured on BBC Radio 4’s Life Scientific.



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